Monday, 29 January 2007

Deeper still

Can’t breathe,

The water steals my breathe.

In these suffocating currents

Lie the final throes of death.

Something moving,

I cannot see, but I can feel.

In the dark and murky waters

Something’s clawing at my heel.

Ice cold fingers,

Finding purchase, taking hold.

Something drawing me down deeper,

Through the darkness, through the cold.

Sinking further,

The hands grip hard upon my thighs,

My lungs explode with water

As the darkness steals my cries.

Death is nearing,

Filth and fear are all I taste.

Life is ebbing form my body

As the hands enfold my waist.


No clarity of thought.

Panic frees me of my senses

As the hands approach my throat.

Eyes are open,

Now the demon I can see.

In the last I see the face of death,

And the face belongs to me.

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