Monday, 22 January 2007

The Man and the Child

'It is cold' said the child,
'There is no warmth where you have sent me.'
'I didn't do it.' cried the man
But the child just nodded gently.

'You held the wheel.' said the child,
'It's thanks to you that I am dead.'
'It wasn't me.' cried the man
But the child just shook her head.

'I hit some ice!' cried the man,
The child stepped forward, 'That's a lie!'
'You'd been drinking!' roared the child,
And the man began to cry.

I wasn't drunk.' sobbed the man,
'I'd had a few but I was sober.'
'You could have stopped!' hissed the girl
'But you were drunk, you knocked me over!'

'Leave me be!' cried the man
'Can't you see that I'm in hell!'
The man awakened from his nightmare
to the darkness of his cell.

'I'm so sorry.' cried the man,
'I didn't know, I wasn't thinking.'
And from the darkness spoke the child,
Yes I know Dad, you'd been drinking.'

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