Monday, 29 January 2007

Undelivered Letter

Annie turned twelve and we sang happy birthday,

She’s pregnant by Dave who gets out in two years,

He said he’d stand by her and help with the kid,

She blew out the candles and held back the tears.

Peter was sent home from school yesterday

For using his fists on an innocent lad,

He’s having some trouble controlling his temper,

He hits without thinking, he’s just like his dad.

His father is trying to cut down his drinking,

It’s hard when you’re jobless, and Christ, he should know.

A thousand rejections and doors that were closed,

With the pubs always open, where else can you go?

Me? I’m just fine, all the bruises have healed,

And I’m back on my feet once again.

It’s a push to get by when the world holds you down,

But I still raise a smile now and then.

I just thought I’d write to somebody who cares,

To let you know how I have been,

And to tell them that I’m over here in the darkness,

Where the grass is not always so green.

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