Monday, 29 January 2007

Political Asylum

You’re fighting for justice and wielding your words,

Sending your soldiers to war.

You’re giving their lives for an acre of soil,

Is it something that’s worth dying for?

You take without asking of those duty bound,

You pay off your soldiers with holes in the ground.

You’re killing them all for political pride,

What good is your promise to those who have died.

Please tell me my savior, just who takes the blame,

When the people you’re saving are killed?

What price do you place on political schemes,

When there’s innocent blood being spilled.

You talk about peace and place guns in their hands,

You say there’s a reason but who understands?

You make the decisions, you pay with their lives,

Make orphans of children, make widows of wives.

Come throw down your briefcase and pick up a gun,

Then stand on the frontline and see.

Say goodbye to your family and stand by your words,

As you give up your life to be free.

For what good are words when the bullets are flying?

What price placed on pride when it’s your children crying?

If you were to fall and succumb to the slaughter,

Who would comfort your son, who would care for your daughter?

Please think of the families destroyed by your words

As you peacefully instigate wars,

And remember, my savior, as you murder more men,

That the blood on your hands is not yours.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the work that you have done over the many years I have known you personally, I will miss all the silent times we spent together I wish id seen you before you departed our world, though as you used to say that everyone is around us so Im hoping you check in on me now and again just to say hi or just the perfect calmness that you gave. Such a gentle soul and good friend, Miss you xxx