Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Waiting Room (lullaby)

The Waiting Room

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yielding. Sad you've stopped posting on 360, but looking fourward to the new blog

hugs an kisses,

just molly

PS love the song!

Anonymous said...


So this is where you've been hiding? Just finished viewing the waiting room vid. It's actually very sweet! Awwww! Probably not the effect you are looking for but that's more me than anything else. Hope all is well on planet Yielding. Come and visit more on 4laughs. We miss you when you are not about. There is always a cyber cup of tea and virtual custard cream for you.

Lots of love and other indoor sports, RubyMae XXX.

Anonymous said...

That must have took ages! well done

Anonymous said...

That's nice. It sounds different when you see it on video, still good though.

Anonymous said...

Do you like the beatles?

major pole said...

nice song, in between Beatles and Pink Floyd